One Day...or Day One?

What Our Clients Say

“My family are amazed at the transformation in me and the difference I feel is nothing short of amazing.”

Colin H

“My attitude to how I see myself has changed so much. Gillian has got me thinking about myself again.”

Joanna L

“I attended one session of hypnotherapy with Gillian and that is almost entirely responsible for my now smoke free life.”


“Even after just one session my mood was lighter and my outlook more positive. I am so glad I found hypnotherapy and Graeme.”

Avril L

“I was just putting off the next cigarette for a bit longer. This time, it feels completely different, I'm not waiting for the next cigarette.”

Rick S

“Thank you for helping me become a non-smoker. As soon as I walked through your door I felt relaxed and calm. I have already recommended you to a friend and would recommend to others. Thank you again. ”

Morag L

“Gillian immediately put me at rest and made me feel positive about the whole process, so far I have been off the cigarettes for nearly 4 months and feel great.”

Dana M

“I didn't even want to stop smoking - I loved smoking. I went to see Gillian and regard myself now as a non-smoker, never to look back. It's the best thing I've ever done.”

Angus M

“As a result of my sessions with Graeme, I regained my confidence and positivity, which resulted in me finding a new job.”

Elaine R

“Graeme's sessions have proved invaluable to my wellbeing and I'd contact him in a heartbeat if I needed support.”


“I lost 1 and a 1/2 stone while Graeme was seeing me and I now have a much more healthy attitude to food”


“Graeme's sessions provide great insight into how the mind works and makes me realise why I have the habits I have.”

Alison A

“Many thanks for helping me through it, Graeme. I am certain I most definitely won't be reaching for the cigarettes ever again!”


“After just a few sessions I began to notice a major difference in my sleep pattern but also that my confidence was returning.”

Jamie B

“My advice to anyone who is serious about stopping smoking - get booked in for this amazing lifeline!”

Vickie S

“I started seeing Gillian 10 weeks ago and in this time she has helped completely change my life.”


“Listening to Graeme’s recording and going to his sessions not only helped me to be able to get myself to sleep but also helped me to restore my self-confidence. Graeme is amazing!!”

Amanda O

“Went to visit Graeme to help with my phobia of rollercoasters. I visited Florida with my family and my children were delighted when I joined them on all the rides!”

Ann K


Make today Day One …

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