Is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

The Four Point Plan – How to find positivity through hypnotherapy.

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For so many of us, life is a struggle filled with anxiety, anger, frustration, depression and other psychological problems. How can we change the script and move to a calmer,…

ONE LIFE Vlog – What’s hypnotherapy like?

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In this 1 minute video, Graeme explains what hypnotherapy is…and what it isn’t.

ONE LIFE Vlog – Anxiety

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ONE LIFE’s Gillian talks anxiety. Simple message – we don’t need to live with it.

ONE LIFE Vlog – Insomnia

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Graeme talks all things insomnia. What it is, what causes it and what we can do about it.  

Please notice me!

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Mobile phones are amazing devices – they bring the world to our fingertips. And social media is great for keeping up with what our friends and colleagues are up to….

Change can be hard…but not impossible

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The human brain is an incredible thing. Billions upon billions of connections are made within it, creating pathways that determine how we react to life. In fact, it has been…

ONE LIFE’s mantra and why we love it…

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We speak of our future as having goals and dreams, but when that future becomes our today, how many goals and dreams are realised? “One day…” we tell ourselves, while…

Could Your Stress be Hurting the Ones You Love?

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When conflicts arise in a relationship, it’s easy to blame our partner. But the real culprit might be stress. According to the American Institute of Stress, more than a quarter…

What Hypnotherapy is….and what it isn’t.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy out there, and this can mean that some people may be wary of considering it as an option to improve their life….

The Power of Imagination

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The human brain is amazing and allows us to imagine – this is something unique to humans. Thanks to this amazing ability we have produced great works of literature, art…

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