The Four Point Plan Part 3: Positive Thinking

By May 13, 2019Hypnotherapy
Positive thinking hypnotherapy

Over the past few weeks we have presented the concept of the “4 point plan” designed to move our lives in a much more positive direction whatever our situation is. The 4 points of the plan are:

  • Positive Activity
  • Positive Interaction
  • Positive Thinking
  • Hypnotherapy

The previous blog discussed positive interaction. This blog talks about positive thinking.

Each point in the plan is crucial to living your best life but point 3 is arguably the most important for long term happiness.

We are all the product of our experiences.  Our experiences define us and affect how we perceive life.  It’s easy sometimes to imagine the worst.  After all – we’re only human.  It’s a common misconception to believe that expecting the worst somehow prepares us for it or helps us deal with it more effectively.

In actual fact the opposite is true.  Our brains are incredible but they cannot distinguish between imagination and reality.  By anticipating the worst, we release adrenalin and cortisol into our system, creating the exact same levels of anxiety and fear as if we were experiencing it for real.  It’s a form of self-torture.

Conversely, when we expect the best outcome these stress hormones are replaced with serotonin, the brain’s natural feel good chemical.  Not only does this lead to us leading more calm and contended lives but it subtly directs us to a more positive and desirable outcome.  Positive thinking can become a habit.  The more we think positively the more we are seen to be positive.   There is not an area of life that cannot be enhanced by positive thinking.

How do you start to think positively? One small step at a time. Start to notice all the small things that have been good about your day. Perhaps write down three good things that have happened in your day, before you go to bed. This becomes a habit, and slowly but surely your brain starts to rewire itself in a more positive direction. And the serotonin will flow…

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