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Colin H

I have been recovering from major surgery which I had during August 2016. Since my operation the stresses I had been feeling prior to this date seemed to escalate pretty quickly to the stage I was suffering from depression and sleep deprivation.
A good friend of mine put me in touch with Gillian and I have been getting hypnotherapy sessions from her since June 2017 and the difference I feel is nothing short of amazing.

I was unable to put things into perspective and worried about absolutely everything but that is no longer the case, I now rationalise things clearly and have no problem prioritising issues that I may have and my sleep issues are all but gone.
My family are amazed at the transformation in me. No more “Mr Angry” who comes home from work in a bad mood every day and gets up in the morning in the same frame of mind. I’m now easier to live with, happier and healthier and I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian’s professional services to anyone at all.


Jamie B

I began to struggle with sleeping at the end of 2017. It started to severely affect my performance at work and subsequently majorly dented my confidence.

Instead of letting the negative spiral continue I decided to get in touch with Graeme as soon as possible after a recommendation from a friend.

I have to be honest and say I was majorly sceptical about whether hypnotherapy would be the answer but I had gotten to a point where I was willing to try anything.

After just a few sessions I began to notice a major difference in my sleep pattern but also that my confidence was returning.

Speaking to Graeme made me feel calm about the situation I was in and gave me the tools to deal with my sleeping problems and regain my confidence.

These kind of problems don’t have quick fixes but with the help of One Life I am now confident enough to deal with it and can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn’t believe this would help, it has! Give it a try!


Joanna L

For the last couple of month’s I have been seeing Gillian for help with managing my depression, stress and self-confidence. Back in April 2012 I was diagnosed with severe depression. For the last 5 years I have had great help from my doctor. Earlier this year my doctor and I decided to come off my tablets and by the end of April this year I was completely off them.

Not long after this I saw that Gillian Craig was looking for people to help with her hypnotherapy sessions. I decided that this might be a great way to help me get better without the aid of tablets. Since I started seeing Gillian my attitude to how I see myself has changed so much.

Each week we spend the start of each session going over what I have done over the previous week and how I feel about myself and things in general.
This is great because it allows me to discuss any issues I may have had and/or discuss all the good things that have happened. We then set myself a goal for the following week to work on before starting our hypnosis session.

Gillian’s manner is very relaxing and soothing and depending on what I want to work on she will incorporate this into the session. Each week I leave feeling relaxed and great with something to look forward to, whatever my challenge or goal may be.
Gillian has got me thinking about myself again, about how I can improve on my self-confidence. At work I now take time to myself instead of stressing. I go into my mind and think about being on my boat, on the lake. This allows me to take the time to chill and not let things get the better of me. Without Gillian’s help there may have been times were I would have picked up the phone to my doctor to discuss going back on the tablets but so far so good.

I would recommend this to anyone regardless of what they need help with. It really has made me think about life and the future and I know that if at any time further down the line I need help with things then Gillian would be someone I would turn to.


Ann K

Went to visit Graeme earlier this year to help with my phobia of roller coasters. He provided a very professional service which helped with not only my phobia but also my general well being.
I visited Florida with my family in October and my children were delighted (and speechless) when I joined them on all the rides!
Would thoroughly recommend Graeme and his company.



I found the sessions with Graeme to be a very positive and beneficial experience. I lost 1 and 1/2 stone while Graeme was seeing me and I now have a much more healthy attitude to food.

Weight Loss

Alison A

Been having sessions with Graeme for a few months now and I must admit I love them. Graeme has a wonderful, calming manner about him that makes it easy to open up. His sessions provide great insight into how the mind works and makes me realise why I have the habits I have. The hypnosis part is by far my favourite part. I honestly feel I am living every word that is said and that it’s the total relaxation that helps me to refocus my mind. I have definitely reaped the benefits of the sessions and I genuinely look forward to my next one

Weight Loss


ONE LIFE has given me the tools not only to diminish anxiety from my daily life but to help me to continue this for many years to come. The way of thinking and routines I have now are ones I know will stick with me forever. It really is the best thing I’ve ever done and I will highly recommend to everyone!


Jade H

Gillian is one of the most genuine and caring people you could meet. With her guidance and support I have paved a new direction in my life, one filled with clarity, positivity and a new found love for myself. I found Gillian at the absolute right time in my life and she was the absolute right person to take me on my new journey of self discovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .



Having smoked for 30 years and had numerous successful but very short lived attempts at giving up smoking, I found myself accompanying every cigarette with a mental reminder that I really should give up.
This had been going on for some time and it only served to convince me that it was something I would do at some point but part of me knew it would probably never happen.

However…following a chance meeting and conversation with Gillian, I attended a session of hypnotherapy and I can say, without any doubt – that 1 session is almost entirely responsible for my now smoke free life.
As I write this I can truthfully say that it has been way, way, way easier than I ever thought possible and I don’t entertain the idea of ever smoking again.

Stop Smoking


Just a short note to thank you for all your help over the last few months, I don’t know where I would be now without you. As you know when I first came to see you, I couldn’t sleep, concentrate and manage everyday things, like parking my car! I was generally feeling pretty hopeless, I believed that I was suffering from some sort of menopausal thing along with workplace stress. After  just a few sessions, I began to feel so much better, my sleep pattern returned to almost normal and after just 8 weeks I feel back to my normal self.

I would thoroughly recommend talking to Graeme at One Life, such a nice person and so easy to talk to, someone who is definitely in the right job!


Lesley C

I have been waking up feeling more positive about the day ahead.

Thank you again for all I have learnt over the last few weeks, and for the difference it is making to my mood and attitude.


Amanda O

Graeme is amazing!!

I went to Graeme when I had hit rock bottom in terms of not being able to sleep, I had dropped to around 2hrs total sleep a night while my new baby slept away! Not ideal when you are a single mum of a then 4 month old!!

It was almost like I had forgotten how to sleep!

Listening to Graeme’s recording and going to his sessions weekly for a few months not only helped me to be able to get myself to sleep and back to sleep after wakes but also helped me to restore my self-confidence and undo a few unhelpful mental coping mechanisms and replace them with new ones. Let’s just say, you can’t put a price on your sleep or your mental health.

In short, I return to – Graeme is amazing!! Thank you Graeme 🙂



The stop smoking hypnotherapy session with Graeme has been a fantastic help. I really don’t think I would have stopped without it. After trying nearly everything else on the market I had just about given up hope of ever having a life without cigarettes. The change of mindset to believe you can do without it, and the education of how it is affecting your body has helped greatly although you do still need will power and determination! The understanding and the ability to think “I don’t need one, the craving will pass” is the only thing that has allowed me to survive more than 24 hours without one. Many thanks for helping me through it. I am certain I most definitely won’t be reaching for the cigarettes ever again!

Stop Smoking

Avril L

Almost from the moment I met Graeme I felt I could trust him and I think trust is very important in this situation. Graeme was very warm and friendly in his approach but always very professional and knowledgeable.

In our first session he explained the theory behind hypnotherapy and how it could help and described what would happen during a session. We looked at setting goals and how they might be achieved.

Even after just one session I felt changes occurring – I was more relaxed, my mood was lighter and my outlook more positive. I listened to the CD every night, reinforcing the “live” sessions and slept so much better.

As the sessions continued, with Graeme’s very positive feedback, I felt much more in control of my life and feeling that I was in charge of where I wanted to be. I achieved my initial goals and set new challenges, feeling that nothing could hold me back!

Even when I suffered a set-back because of some unexpected difficult circumstances I felt I dealt with it in a more positive and effective way and was able to get back on track quite quickly.

I am so glad I found hypnotherapy and Graeme and although I had to make the changes Graeme was very much the catalyst.

Confidence Building


I started seeing Gillian 10 weeks ago and in this time she has helped completely change my life.

My whole way of thinking and reacting to situations has changed beyond belief. I can now stand back and look and consider situations calmly where previously I would have reacted in panic or disaster mode.

Gillian has guided me through our sessions and we have built on my positive achievements week by week. She is a good listener and friendly but also very professional.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian (or Graeme who I have also met) as the person to help you achieve your goals.

I am a happier, more positive person and also a better sleeper since finding ONE LIFE.



Professional, caring, helpful, friendly, confidential support and therapy. Found it to be a valuable experience.

Pain Management

Elaine R

I would like to say how truly grateful I am to Graeme for his help & support. After our first conversation I knew that with Graeme’s help I would be able to clear my mind of negativity and move forward to the person I was before stress/depression took over. As a result of our sessions I regained my confidence and positivity, which resulted in me finding a new job. All my family & friends have commented on how I am back to being me again, all thanks to you Graeme.

If anyone I know needs help in the future for sure I will highly recommend Graeme.


Rick S

Graeme, I really appreciate your helping me with this and it was a fantastic experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everything was explained in detail, in terms I could understand, which made the whole experience simple and enjoyable.

it’s reassuring to know that you are not just there for the first day, but will be there to see me through the whole journey. Very impressed with how ‘not difficult’ it has been. I’ve tried to do this in the past, but have struggled to get this far, always feeling like I was just putting off the next cigarette for a bit longer. This time, it feels completely different – I’m not waiting for the next cigarette, I don’t go through my day thinking about them anymore. I have recommended you to family members, who will be in touch when they feel ready to stop.

Stop Smoking

Morag L

Just a wee e-mail to say thank you for helping me become a non-smoker. When my cousin mentioned hypnosis, I was a bit sceptical but I thought why not give it a try. Over the years I have tried many stop-smoking remedies but they have all failed once I have stopped taking them or the course ends.

When I came to you I did so with an open mind. As soon as I walked through your door I felt relaxed and calm, the hypnosis itself felt like it only lasted a very short while but when I left and looked at the time I realised I had been there a lot longer than I thought. It just felt very relaxing, calm, comfortable and like I was in a light sleep but could still hear and see everything around me.

I have been a non-smoker now for 16 days and I feel so much better and the thought of a cigarette makes me feel nauseous. Also the recording you sent to my phone has really helped me get a great night’s sleep when I’m listening to it which I did nightly for the first 8 days and then I have been listening to it every second night.

I have already recommended you to a friend and would recommend to others. Thank you again.

Stop Smoking

Dana M

Having tried, and failing, on so many occasions to stop smoking, I finally relented and gave hypnosis a go. It was the best thing I could’ve done! Gillian immediately put me at rest and made me feel positive about the whole process, so far I have been off the cigarettes for nearly 4 months and feel great. In the early days I still had the odd thought about smoking but resisted and now I have no inclination at all. Thanks Gillian!

Stop Smoking

Angus M

Having been a heavy smoker everyday for 25 years I was dubious about hypnosis. In fact, I didn’t even want to stop smoking – I loved smoking, but my kids wanted me to so, knowing I wouldn’t have the will power to do this alone, I went to see Gillian. I have not smoked for over 2 months and regard myself now as a non-smoker, never to look back. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Stop Smoking

Vickie S

When I left my session with Gillian I felt great and oddly enough I did not want a cigarette. It is a little difficult to explain how the hypnotherapy worked but it did as I have now been smoke free for just over 4 weeks – even in situations I thought would break me and have me back on the smoking wagon.

My advice to anyone who is serious about stopping smoking  – get booked in for this amazing lifeline!

Stop Smoking


Graeme has been very helpful to me over the last few months, allowing me to focus on the good aspects of my life. It’s all too easy to see the negatives, like we all do, but seeing how far we’ve come and to concentrate on that is so positive. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him. His sessions have proved invaluable to my wellbeing and I’d contact him in a heartbeat if I needed support.


Fiona B

I have never been classically slim and as long as I can remember I have comfort eaten. Sad or happy I have enjoyed “eating my emotions.” Consequently, my weight has fluctuated over the years. I would lose weight then have some kind of crisis and start eating unhealthily again.

Well now I know when I have had enough to eat. I hardly ever now reach for that second biscuit, the next slice of cake, an extra helping of chips. I seem to know when I’m full now when previously I would have had more, just because I enjoyed rather than because I needed it.

The hypnosis part of each session is wonderful, I always leave feeling recharged and ready to continue with my day, however it’s the chat beforehand I find invaluable. Talking things through with Gill actually has helped me resolve issues. She has a way of making you answer your own questions so you are more likely to deal with the “stuff” that impacts on your life.

Give it a go – I am so glad I did!

Weight Loss

Angus M

I’m still not smoking. I can’t thank you enough for helping me quit. I was telling my mother that you do hypnotherapy for weight loss so you will be hearing from her soon. I will definitely recommend one life to everyone.  Thanks again Graeme.

Stop Smoking

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