The Four Point Plan Part 3: Positive Interaction

By April 15, 2019Hypnotherapy
Positive interaction hypnotherapy

A couple of blogs ago we introduced the concept of the “4 point plan” designed to move our lives in a much more positive direction whatever our situation is. The 4 points of the plan are:

  • Positive Activity
  • Positive Interaction
  • Positive Thinking
  • Hypnotherapy

The previous blog discussed positive activity. This blog talks about positive interaction.

Humans are social creatures. We evolved to operate in tribes rather than individuals, so we get a feeling of wellbeing when we interact positively with other people. This feeling of wellbeing is caused by the production of happy chemicals such as serotonin, released by the brain in response to this behaviour.

When you ask the question “What would make you happy?” people will frequently talk about money or material possessions.  However, research shows that the happiest people are those with close connections to others, whether it be friends or family. These connections make us feel needed, valued and loved. Money just doesn’t cut it in the happiness stakes, beyond having enough to meet our basic needs for clothing, food, shelter and perhaps the occasional week in the sun.

There’s a remarkable study that has been running for 75 years in Boston, tracking the lives of individuals from different backgrounds over several generations. And the clear outcome from the study is that good relationships keep us healthier and happier.  Here’s the link to a talk from the latest director of the study:

So, rather than wishing for fame and fortune to come along and make you happy, your time would be much better spent keeping your relationships healthy and positive. That way you create a life with less anxiety and more happiness, both for you and the people with whom you foster these close relationships.

What are you waiting for? You only have one life…