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January 2018

Hypnotherapy for sports performance

Get in the Zone: Improve Your Sports Performance with Hypnotherapy

By | Sports performance

Recent research has shown that sports performance can be improved with hypnotherapy. For example, a recent study has shown that hypnosis improved the ability of basketball players to produce 3-point shots, and increased their sense of confidence and calmness.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. It has been recognised for some time that mental attitude has a huge influence on sporting performance. Much of the success of the British cycling team has been attributed to the work of sports psychiatrist Dr. Steve Peters. Successful participants are able to control negative thoughts and doubts so they can produce their best performance. Being able to do this can be the difference between success and failure.

Hypnotherapy can help by replicating that feeling of being “in the zone” where the entire focus is on the sporting activity and the rest of the world fades away. Additionally, the mind can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality, and so repeatedly visualising success can vastly improve sporting performance.

At ONE LIFE, we can help every level of sportsperson improve their game, whether a weekend golfer or a professional athlete. We discuss the client’s targets for their chosen sport and help them achieve those targets by increasing their ability to control negative thinking, improving their confidence and self-belief, and teaching them to use deep relaxation and concentration to maintain composure and imagine success.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

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